Silver Halide Photographic Christmas Gathering – Tromsø 2011

On the second day of Christmas, 26th of December, a few members of  Tromsø Fotoklubb (Tromsø Photographic Society) met to do a little analogue photography. Unlucky me had gone to Tromsø, not bringing any film camera, not even a pinhole camera, so I had to borrow one.

Kiev 35mm cameraThis was the little fellow I borrowed from Bjørn Joachimsen, a fellow photographer and film enthusiast who lives in Tromsø.

I did not know the camera at all, and took a few pictures not knowing whether the shutter did fire at all. At last I did figure out how the thing worked (with good help from Bjørn). I have not finished the reel yet, so I am very curious to what is on the film, if anything at all.

The light was very low as it normally is this time of the year, so the exposures got very long. I did set the shutter to one second and shot with an aperture of 8 or 11, and still hope for the best.

You can see a few pictures from one of the participants at the gathering, at this flickr site: