Pinhole action

After some years with very low activity from my side with pinhole photography, the last year I have «awakened» and am now posting images at my flickr site (and they do of course appear in the pinhole gallery at this site) as soon as they get developed. Amongst the undeveloped films I found a box containing 10 negatives, that I don’t remember when I took. Exiting stuff. I will develop them very soon, maybe already tonight.

At the same time I am preparing a Pinhole workshop in Tromsø. The workshop will be held at Tromsø Fotoklubb’s (Tromsø Photographic Society) facilities during a weekend in the end of April next year.

I am also working on a really exciting project: converting a camper into a giant pinhole camera. I got this camper a week and a half ago, and have already got out all the stuff I need to get rid of.

Camper interiour after some "vandalism"