Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2014

April 27, 2014 was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, and this year The Giant Mobile Camera and I were at Torget in Tromsø. People could come and experience a pinhole camera from the inside and maybe learn a little about photography. I also did make a giant paper negative in the camera.


The Giant Mobile Camera at Torget in Tromsø


The projection inside:


The paper negative laid out on the darkroom floor just before developing.

Ready for development

Developing the papernegative with a sponge, almost finished:


Paper negative drying.

Drying the negative.

And finally the result, a 100x250cm paper negative:

Paper negative wppd2014

…and a digital positive version of the same picture.

Digital positive

It was great fun, and I will most probably do this again 🙂