Clean and tidy

… and almost ready for painting.

Today I took out the kitchen bench and the other remains of the old camper. Now there is only an empty space left, except for a few sofas and some cupboards on the walls. And a mirror of course, you’ll need one when you’re getting photographed. (In reality I did not manage to get it off the wall, so I just left it)

Towards the rear (driving direction) of the camera


Clean, tidy and empty.

Towards the front (driving direction) of the camera

Image screen, a prelimenary one made of paper
The image screen, made of paper just for testing and demonstrations.


The «lens» side of the cameravan is on the right side, and the same side as the door. Screen/film side is on the left side. Cameravise that should mean front versus back, but trailervise it is right and left 🙂

The plan now is to do some small work to cover all light leaks. The roller curtains wan’t let any light through, so I just need to make some light traps around them. A little work to lightproof the skylights is also needed. Then there is some painting to be done. The camera has to be black inside, all over.