Testing close limit of the Cameravan

Today I did a test and measured the close limit of the 600 mm Apo-Ronar. I used a helicopter helmet on a microphone stand as a «model» for this test.
At 81 cm from the front of the Cameravan it focuses on the big screen (250x125cm). Should be able to make macro portraits with this one 🙂

Here a photo of the projection made with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 with a Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle zoom, at 12mm approx.

Helicopter helmet, "close-up" projection

I have made a mount for a camera just below the lens/pinhole opening, to make it easy to make photos of the projections inside the Cameravan.

Next week I’ll get the signs for the camera, probably the first camera in Norway with permission to drive along the roads.

Tidying up the interior of the cameravan

Adding panels and hide away the ugly stuff

Tonight I have made some panels and fitted them to the bottom parts of the walls. This one hides the electrical system, but the fuse box is still available.

The aft panel, from the wheel well and behind.

This is the aft panel, from the wheel well and behind. The panels will be topped with plywood, so they will totally close in the (unuseable) radiators and all wires and tubes.

The right side panel ("lens side")

The last panel I mounted. Here I had to make a hole to access the 220V outlet behind it.

The panels will be painted black, as everything else inside the cameravan.

WTF! My camera is snowing down :(

It’s April 3, and it’s snowing like hell. If this continues over the weekend, I will not be able to take the cameravan to the inspection services April 10. At this time of the year we expect snow to go away, not to fall down in extremely large amounts. Fuck winter!

I don't have words...

I don’t have words…

The Giant Mobile Camera don't like snow, and neither do I.

The Giant Mobile Camera don’t like snow, and neither do I.

Soon it's WPPD 2013, we want the snow to go away.

Soon it’s WPPD 2013, we want the snow to go away.